Materials and Presentations

Central Asian Education Platform (CAEP)

  • CAEP Flyer [EN] [RU]
  • Central Asian Education Platform (CAEP) – Brief Project Description [EN] [RU]
  • Presentation of the EU Project “Central Asian Education Platform”
    (Juergen Weiss, Team leader) [EN] [RU]
  • CAEP main support line 1:
    Presentation – Teacher Policies: State of the Art and Trends in the European Union and Central Asia – a study outline (Johann Schustereder, CAEP expert) [EN] [RU]
  • CAEP – main support line 2:
    Presentation – Quality Assurance of Education and Training – a study outline
    (Hans Hoekzema, CAEP expert) [EN] [RU]

ETF’s Torino Process in CA

  • The Torino Process 2012: Draft Regional Report Central Asia [EN] [RU]
  • ETF´s Presentation of the Regional Report of the Torino Process 2012 in Central Asia
    (by Vincent McBride) [EN] [RU]
  • For the whole set of conference materials and presentation see ETF Website

Regional Workshop CAEP “Teacher Policies and Quality Approaches in Central Asian Education Systems” in Istanbul

  • Agenda [EN] [RU]
  • Background note WG 1 – Strengthening Teacher Policies and Training [EN][RU]
  • Background note WG 2 – Institutional Approaches to Quality Issues [EN][RU]
  • Background note WG 3 – Synergies of Quality Systems in VET and HE [EN][RU]
  • CAEP Study Quality VET HE [EN]
  • CAEP Study Teacher Policies [EN]
  • Presentation CAEP Wagner [RU]
  • Presentation ETF Torino McBride [EN][RU]
  • Presentation Kazakhstan Narbekova [RU]
  • Presentation Kazakhstan Omirbaev [EN][RU]
  • Presentation Kyrgyzstan Umankulova [RU]
  • Presentation Quality Dondi [EN][RU]
  • Presentation Tajikistan Kadyrova [RU]
  • Presentation Tajikistan Sanginov [RU]
  • Presentation Teacher Policies Schustereder [EN][RU]
  • Working paper on Quality of VET and Higher Education Dondi [EN][RU]
  • Working paper on Teacher Policies Schustereder [EN][RU]